Treasure Planet, 16 (Man-Kzin Wars #16) (Paperback)

Treasure Planet, 16 (Man-Kzin Wars #16) By Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox Cover Image
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A stand-alone novel in the best-selling Man-Kzin War anthology series created by multiple New York Times best seller Larry Niven. A young man and his Kzin friend seek technological bounty on a forbidden planet while in a race with Kzin space pirates willing to kidnap and kill to make the treasure their own.

A thrilling stand-alone novel addition to the long-running, popular Man-Kzin Wars series created by New York Times multiple best seller, Larry Niven.

"Ah, the wealth o' the treasure planet be beyond the dreams of Man or the hopes o' Kzin "

On Wunderland, a generation after Liberation, memories of the bloody kzin conquest and Occupation have faded, and men and kzin live largely in peace. But the fabulous treasure of the kzin pirates, hidden on a distant world, remains a magnet for freebooters. Young Peter Cartwright and his kzinrett friend Marthar receive information and map from a most unlikely source and soon themselves fighting the most ruthless pirates in Known Space for an unimaginable prize.

About the Man-Kzin War Series:
" The Man-Kzin Wars series is] excellent . . .gripping . . .and expands well on Larry Niven's universe. . . ." -Locus

About the Author

Hal Colebatch is an Australian writer, journalist, editor and lawyer with a wide range of publications. He's best known in science fiction as a long-time series author in the Man-Kzin War universe, with many appearances in the popular anthologies helmed by Larry Niven. He has created several original characters including Dimity Carmody, Nils Rykerman and Vaemar-Riit. Jessica Q. Fox is an engineer with a major in stochastic control. She has had four other books published. What the Q stands for is a closely guarded secret.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781476736402
ISBN-10: 1476736405
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: May 6th, 2014
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Man-Kzin Wars