The Gems of Hiddenite, North Carolina: Mining History, Geology and Mineralogy (Paperback)

The Gems of Hiddenite, North Carolina: Mining History, Geology and Mineralogy Cover Image
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Emerald-green hiddenite, a gem so valuable that it is said a June bug can carry away $1,000 worth, is only found in one area of North America: Alexander County, North Carolina. Now known as the village of Hiddenite, the area has continuously produced gems of great beauty since 1875, including the largest natural emerald and the largest faceted emerald in North America. The beauty of the area's free-standing minerals of emerald green beryl and spodumene, as well as amethyst, smoky quartz, calcite and rutile, have attracted collectors, adventurers and miners since their discovery. The search for emeralds and other gemstones over more than 100 years has generated true drama: controversies about mineral names, who discovered what, tragic fatal accidents, and physical strife between individuals. This book reveals the whole story. Alongside the fascinating history of the area, it includes detailed information about the geology of the region, and will be of interest to the historian, mineral enthusiast and the curious reader alike.

About the Author

Mark Ivan Jacobson is a geologist-mineralogist specializing in the mining history, geology and mineralogy of pegmatites. He retired after 35 years with the Chevron Corporation. Since 1984, he has been a consulting editor with Rocks and Minerals magazine. He lives in Denver, Colorado. Geologist Wade Edward Speer retired as a field expert in evaluating copper, gold, silver, diamond and emerald deposits in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and South America. He lives in Marion, North Carolina.

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Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
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