Tomorrow City: Dieselpunk Roleplaying (Osprey Roleplaying) (Hardcover)

Tomorrow City: Dieselpunk Roleplaying (Osprey Roleplaying) By Nathan Russell, Biagio D'Alessandro (Illustrator) Cover Image
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A dieselpunk roleplaying game of action, mystery and mad science!

Tomorrow City was one of the cities of the future, built to usher in a new age of prosperity, seizing upon scientific achievements at the dawn of the twentieth century. Then came the War. Radium-powered soldiers assembled, diesel-fuelled nightmares rolled off production lines, city fought city, and the world burned in atomic fire. We survived, barely. Tomorrow City still stands, an oil-stained beacon of hope, part-refuge, part-asylum. Beset by dangers from both within and without, a secret war now rages on its streets. Diesel-born monstrosities stalk the alleyways, air pirates strike from the wastelands, mad scientists continue their dark work, occultists manipulate the city's strange geometry, and secret societies plot in the shadows.

Tomorrow City is a roleplaying game of dark science and dieselpunk action. Swift and simple character creation and an easy-to-learn dice pool system places the emphasis on unique personalities and the momentum of the plot. Join the Underground and fight the crime and corruption at the heart of the city. Sell your dieselpunk tech, occult knowledge, and sheer grit as troubleshooters for mysterious paymasters. Hunt down spies, saboteurs, and science-run-amok. As weary sky rangers, fringe scientists, and radium-powered veterans, you might be all that stands between a better tomorrow and no tomorrow at all.

About the Author

Nathan Russell is a teacher, writer, father, and man of imaginary action. He has fought vampires, flown spaceships, plundered dungeons, and rescued Viking princesses. He has been playing, tweaking, and writing roleplaying games for 30 years and, in 2005, began publishing games for others to enjoy, including the popular Freeform Universal and Neon City Overdrive. Nathan lives in Australia with his far-too-indulgent wife, children, and pugs.

Biagio D'Alessandro is an Italian illustrator. After graduating in fine art, he decided that drawing monsters, demons and aliens would be more fun. In a decade as a professional illustrator, he has collaborated with a wide range of publishers such as Paizo Publishing, Monte Cook Games, and AEG.

Praise For…

“Tomorrow City provides easy access to a little explored genre in roleplaying and brings its world of another future past to life.” —Pookie, Reviews from R'lyeh

Well-written, graphically excellent, and presents an interesting world” —Francis Lowell, Age of Ravens Games

Product Details
ISBN: 9781472849588
ISBN-10: 1472849582
Publisher: Osprey Games
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: Osprey Roleplaying