Narvik 1940: The Battle for Northern Norway (Campaign) (Paperback)

Narvik 1940: The Battle for Northern Norway (Campaign) By David Greentree, Ramiro Bujeiro (Illustrator) Cover Image
By David Greentree, Ramiro Bujeiro (Illustrator)
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In early 1940, a battle raged to control the ice-free, iron-ore port in northern Norway – with changing fortunes until the very end.

This highly detailed book covers both the naval battles and the individual Norwegian, British, Polish, French and German units that fought the land campaign over northern Norway. Highly detailed maps guide you step by step through the events. Few other books on Narvik give you as much detail on the forces of the fighting five. From Gebirgsjägers to Guardsmen, Fallschirmjägers to Foreign Legionnaires, it offers you an impressive level of tactical detail, even down to company command, whilst also helping you understand the strategic confusion surrounding the whole Allied expedition to the north too.

Among the naval clashes covered in this action-packed story are the destroyer battles in the fjords, the sinking of the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious and the roles the famous battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau played in the fighting. No less dramatic are the land battles, which include amphibious landings, sabotage, commando raids, daring ski missions and a rare parachute insertion by Gebirgsjäger troops.

About the Author

David Greentree graduated from the University of York with a BA in History before completing an MA in War Studies at King's College London and qualifying as a lecturer in Further Education. In 1995 he accepted a commission in the Royal Air Force and has served in a variety of locations, including Afghanistan and Oman. He has written several books for Osprey, focusing on British military history and World War II.

Ramiro Bujeiro has become a frequent and popular contributor to Osprey since illustrating Warrior 23:US Marine in Vietnam 1965–73
(1998). He is an experienced commercial artist who lives and works in his native city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His professional background includes commissions as a figure illustrator and strip cartoonist for clients all over Europe, the Americas and in Great Britain. His main interests are the political and military history of Europe in the first half of the 20th century.

Praise For…

"The author has done a great job of covering this topic in great detail, looking at both sides of the conflict covering tactics, commanders, troops on the ground and equipment. He also takes a detailed look at some of battles which includes some of the naval skirmishes. Anyone thinking of recreating parts of this conflict on the tabletop, then this is an ideal companion to pick up. You’ll definitely find plenty of background information that will provide a plethora of ideas to re-create." - Jason Hubbard, Irregular Magazine

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ISBN: 9781472849106
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Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
Pages: 96
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