Yelizaveta: Memories That Shaped My Life (Paperback)

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Poetry is the crying of the soul. I feel I have lived through so many different anatomies in this existence. If you wonder what the soul is, it is like a driver and a car. The car have a definite longivity, once its time is up as it reaches its limits or get destroyed by an accident, the driver never dies, he or she goes to a different body, a new body that carries different aspects yet it must follow the laws of physics and the cycle starts over and over again and so on. Thus has been my soul, for I knew my past from my own experiences, and I learn about my future from the experience of others. The strength that I gained from Judaism and reading about the Jewish scientists and what they have experienced in this life have made me who I am, resilient, never accept defeat, and always victorious in every race. In Yelizaveta, the love that I potentially contain for poetry and the work that I dedicated for science through my experience in college have come together to produce these pictorial poems that I would like to dedicate them all for the love of what once used to be and will always be my soul mate Yelizaveta Sher.

What would you do if you were a musician who can rock for sure and make people dance, but all the sudden you find yourself alone without your musical instruments and now you cannot play anymore? Individuals that once you trusted are now against you, and your world is all but past that triggers thoughts inside your mind how could that happen to me? How do you redeem yourself and get back on track? These poems are the cry of my soul during the battle against evil. the best way to defeat your enemy and cope over your pain is to stay calm but firm and ready to face all challenges with peace.

When we feel loneliest and the past becomes your only source of resilience that will make you sail through the clashing waves of this unpredictable life, you get to a shore of peace, you sit back and remember those who left an impact on your life. Wounds can heal, but their scars can stay with you for the rest of your life. Those scars can be your marks that guide you when you are confused about finding your way through in this life. you continue the journey, but this time you are immuned from committing the same mistakes.

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Publication Date: March 14th, 2012
Pages: 112
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