The Power of Dua (to Allah): An Essential Guide to Increase the Effectiveness of Making Dua to Allah (Paperback)

The Power of Dua (to Allah): An Essential Guide to Increase the Effectiveness of Making Dua to Allah By Iqrasense Cover Image
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This popular book provides more than two hundred Quran verses, hadith, and scholarly explanations related to the topic of making Duas more effective and thus increasing the chances of them getting accepted.

The book also narrates many stories and examples of how the prophets invoked Allah in various situations. In this information packed publication, you will learn answers to these commonly asked questions:

  • Why should we make dua when everything is already decreed?

  • What can hold acceptance of Dua? (Important question)

  • What can help make Duas accepted? (Important question)

  • What should never be asked in a dua?

  • A complete checklist that you can keep handy and work on as a reminder

  • Can Dua be made in prayers?

  • What mistakes do people make after duas are answered?

  • What are the effects of Dhikr on making Dua? (very important)

  • What role does Quran play in the acceptance of your Dua?

  • AWhat are the stipulations for acceptance of dua?

  • Why making dua to Allah is not an option, but a necessity.

  • Understanding the life transformational powers of Dua

  • How dua CAN change what is already decreed?

  • What mistakes people make that make Dua's "suspended" rather than accepted?

  • What are the mistakes related to the topic of Dua that makes Allah angry?

  • What happens when a dua appears to be unanswered?

  • What about the wait involved in getting Dua accepted?

  • What are the times when Dua is more likely to be accepted?

  • Which people's Dua are especially accepted?

  • What if someone asks Allah something that is sinful?

  • What about the act of wiping one's face after making a Dua?

  • How to Invoke Allah in Dua?

  • What is the best position for Making Dua?

  • What are the best places for making Dua?

  • Dua's that various Prophets made for various situations, and difficulties that they faced

  • and more such topics

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