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100 Strangers was a challenge:

A Challenge to take a photo of 100 Strangers and to "Learn by Doing."

Unlike a candid series of photos this adventure has some rules... Take a portrait photo with the prior permission of the subject. Post the person's photo and their story on an online photographic community website, namely Flickr(r).com Participants must be complete strangers - No friends or family are to be represented.

Tim Commons, now a photojournalist, completed the Challenge over a six month period and discovered that the Adventure was well worth sharing, thus he became the Author of his first book "100 Strangers."

100 Strangers contains not only some amazing portraits, but displays an impressive cross-section of society. More impressive is the fact that this is a true representation of the photographer's growth during the adventure.

No Stranger portraits were discarded in a bid to make his journey appear to be without trial or failure. In fact, it displays these failures and shows that they are a chance to grow and to be better next time.

The book shows that like any worthwhile pursuit it did encounter hurdles and was the catalyst for much debate. Tim was himself held under citizen's arrest half way through his journey for taking Photos without Consent, before being released by the Police, without charge. The Adventure continued and some of his most compelling and impressive photos and encounters were to come.

The author started the project with a compact camera and little knowledge of photography. He finished his journey using some of the world's most sophisticated photographic equipment and the ability to engage complete Strangers and tell their stories to the world.

"When I started the project most people I approached and asked to partake said, 'No' and walked away still a Stranger, leaving me disappointed and dejected. By the end of my journey practically everyone I asked said, Yes . -Tim Commons

The 100 Strangers book is not only a book containing some great portrait photos; it represents the stories of everyday people who are not so every day. It will leave you with a feeling that you should not judge a book by its cover and that life is, and should be: A Challenge, An Adventure and A Journey.

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