Shades of Plaid: (A Very Unconventional Weekly Journey into Christian Living) (Paperback)

Shades of Plaid: (A Very Unconventional Weekly Journey into Christian Living) By Joleene Naylor (Illustrator), Jonathan James Harvey Cover Image
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Shades of Plaid was written with the sole purpose of influencing the course of history, providing people the answers to all of life's riddles, and arming its readers with the power to handle every situation they face with ease... Having failed miserably at this, the book has moved to "Plan B". Now, it's just going for the laugh and it hopes to cause the reader to think of God. (It's important to note that the book does not cause readers to laugh about God, because that might be considered disrespectful.) All in all, it's a pretty clever little book.

About the Author

Throughout history men have answered the question, "So, can you tell me a little about yourself?" with a simple statement of who they are and where they work. Jonathan Harvey is not going do that because he thinks it would be boring. Besides, I he doesn't define himself be his current occupation. Jonathan Harvey lives in Kingsland Georgia, and he wants you to know that he is an amazing fellow. What makes him so amazing is not his amazing sense of fashion, although that may be a small part of it. What makes him an amazing fellow is the amazing life that he leads. He is one of the few people on the planet who can honestly say that he has done everything that he said he wanted to do as he was growing up. He's also done a lot of things that he didn't want to do, but he doesn't like to dwell on that kind of stuff. Surprisingly enough, he's still found time to watch many hours of quality television. When he was young, he wanted to act. Today, he's not a movie star but he's done community theater and standup comedy. He's even performed comic skits on public access television. When he was young, he was inspired by a teacher and decided he wanted to teach. Since then, he's taught Sunday school and has been a children's minister. Also, he's had the grand opportunity of conducting training at work. When he was young, he wanted to be a writer. He writes a daily pseudo-inspirational(TM) email and blog that many people read. He also writes an online comic, The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy, with his friend Joleene Naylor. The comic is updated every Friday. He also wrote this book, and now that it's published he hopes to become a big "Book Star". Finally when he was young, he wanted to become a ruthless vampire hunter, although he has a sneaky suspicion that this might never happen. However, he does find comfort in the fact that he's accomplished three of four life goals.

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ISBN: 9781456431372
ISBN-10: 1456431374
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2011
Pages: 344
Language: English