A Word from the Word: A Daily Commentary from the Old Testament (Paperback)

A Word from the Word: A Daily Commentary from the Old Testament By Frank Walker Ma Cover Image
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I have read the bible through a number of times. Just making the commitment to read the whole Bible is challenging and sometimes frustrating. It takes a lot of work and forces seem to discourage your will to tackle a planned scripture reading program. This book was written for this present generation, the X and Ys that are in touch through texting, twittering and mass communication. The Bible verse and commentary on these pages take just a few minutes each day to read. It is hoped that reading this book will enlighten and challenge those that read it. The verses on each page are short and the commentary is quick and to the point. It was written as a "word" or two from the word of God. The book is meant to be a quick daily way to stay with the Old Testament and for readers to become familiar with the God's word. The pages in this book contain some of my favorite verses from the Old Testament and for me the most challenging.

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ISBN: 9781456428044
ISBN-10: 1456428047
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 6th, 2014
Pages: 210
Language: English