Biggle Horse Book: A Concise Treatise on the Horse (Paperback)

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In all authentic history of the human race, we find the horse mentioned as the servant and companion of man. When the horse was first domesticated is not known, nor do we know of what country he is a native. Central Asia, Arabia and Central Africa each claims this honor, and we will not dispute the claims of either. In the time of Moses, horses were used in Egypt and later on, Solomon kept and used large numbers of them from Jobs vivid description it is evident that they were used and well bred in the countries farther east. Horses are represented in the carvings on the ruins of ancient Ninevah and in the marble friezes of the Greek Parthenon. When the Romans invaded Britain, they found the natives using horse of superior quaIity, and took some of them back to Rome. It is supposed that the Spaniards brought horses to South America as earIy as 1535, and that soon afterwards others were shipped to Paraguay...

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ISBN: 9781443753098
ISBN-10: 1443753092
Publisher: Barclay Press
Publication Date: October 7th, 2008
Pages: 128
Language: English