Sex and a Side Step 1-2-3 (Paperback)

Sex and a Side Step 1-2-3 By Kathryn Schneider Lyon Cover Image
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For as long as i can remember, I have loved to Ballroom Dance and for the past 41 plus years I have been teaching young adults, singles, & couples ''how to dance'' and enjoy doing it. If you have learned to dance, you will understand that many funny comments are said while having your lessons and practicing together. The verbal exchanges are very interesting, and usually have ''double meanings''. An example might be in Tango when the man says."Now step right in here between my legs? Oops I mean feet." See what I mean? And with dancing it seems to go on and on. Just like a bad dance. Dancing together is NOT about winning a prize or a competition. It is about the mutual enjoyment of the couple dancing-together-and for that brief dance, being perfectly together and enjoying every second of it. This little book is about learning to dance. It is about finding a good place to learn to dance, and finding a good instructor to give you the training you will need to achieve that goal.. especially if you are interested in competition dancing. Most people are interested in being a good social dancers. One that can feel comfortable in all social situations like wedding receptions, anniversary parties, Christmas parties, and other social events where dancing is the main part of the evening after dinner. These are the people I enjoy teaching, and this is for whom I have written this little book. To them who as they learn, can have a few laughs, not take learning to Ballroom Dance so seriously, and wind up being a really well trained and nice looking social ballroom dancer A dancer who will be the envy of all who see them.

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Publication Date: October 30th, 2007
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