The Mayans: Weavers of Time, Players of the Universe (Paperback)

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The calendars and prophecies of the Mayans and other ancient peoples tell us: "The time has come for many changes " When we look at the great cultures of the world, we feel transported back to a time when peoples and tribes used to weave their own pattern in the big web of life. We stand in awe of this knowledge, and feel how it draws us. It may be the eternal search for being at one with everything, for peace, creativity, and purpose that makes us turn to what we consider the past. It may be that the past has returned to the present because it can remind us better of this big web than our own technologically perfected world can.
This book gives a clear, easy-to-understand overview of the culture and spirituality of the Mayans, and of our joint history. It demonstrates how their calendars do such a lot more than just measure time. They show us a universal weaving pattern which can help us become more aware of ourselves and our daily challenges, with our present existence and our fast-changing world, and guide us into the near future when humans will once again accept responsibility for their planet.
Ancient peoples like the Mayans may well have preserved knowledge that might be of critical importance here and now, knowledge which we in the west have long since lost. This book is an invitation to retrieve the wisdom which we all carry deep inside of us. Some impressions from the Book signing on Cortes Island, Friday April 13th, 2007:

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