Low Carb Lifestyle: A Quickstudy Laminated Reference (Other)

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Gain the massive benefits of lowering carb intake, see how to do it, and the adverse effects of excessive carbohydrates in your diet with this concise fact-filled guide that includes every detail you need. You can avoid a ketosis-based diet and still reap the benefits of lowering carbs or use this guide for a post-keto lifestyle change to improve your overall health. In 6 durable laminated pages learn how carbohydrates are broken down in the body, carb types (good and bad), foods in those categories (to help make the right choices), and health issues resulting from a high carb diet. A step-by-step plan is included to jump-start a low carb lifestyle from label reading and baking with whole grains to multiple eat-this-not-that sections. Sugar facts are included, a diabetes section, and a glycemic index chart. With enough facts per page to fill over 100 pages of a book, in a format that can be stored anywhere, the value is unmatched.
6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Understanding Carbohydrates
    • How Carbohydrates & Sugar Affect the Body
    • Carbohydrate Digestion & Metabolism
  • Why Try a Low-Carb Diet?
    • Benefits of Low-Carb Diets
    • Seven Myths about Low-Carb Diets
    • The Mindful Low-Carb Diet
  • A Typical Low-Carb Diet
    • Your Meal Plan
    • Low-Carb Food Breakdown
    • Foods to Avoid
    • One-Week Sample Menu
    • Low-Carb Shopping
    • Restaurant Dining Options
    • Healthy Tips for Staying on Track
    • Ideas for Meals & Snacks
  • Popular Low-Carb Diets
    • Atkins, Atkins Advantage, Ketogenic (Keto) Diet
    • Paleo Diet, Carbohydrate Addict's Diet
    • Zone, South Beach, Curves, Hamptons Diet
  • Good & Bad Carbohydrates
    • Healthy Carbs
    • Bad (Refined) Carbs
  • Healthy Foods High in Good Fat
  • Diabetes
    • A1c, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol (ABCs)
    • Living with Diabetes
    • Controlling Your Blood Sugar
  • What Is the Glycemic Index (GI)?
    • Glycemic Index Chart

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ISBN: 9781423241812
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Publication Date: May 1st, 2019
Pages: 6
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