Gravitas: The 8 Strengths That Redefine Confidence (Hardcover)

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Noted fashion entrepreneur and former McKinsey & Company consultant, Lisa Sun, shares the eight strengths that every woman can call upon to be confident and successful.

“Lisa comes across as young and overly enthusiastic at times. She should seek to have more gravitas.”

This is what Lisa Sun’s boss wrote in her first review as a business analyst at the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Sun knew she wasn’t alone in receiving this type of feedback and over the course of the last two decades, she has been on a journey to uncover what it means to be truly confident.

In this thought-provoking and practical guide, Sun, founder of lifestyle brand Gravitas, has cracked the code to help women build their own self-worth on their own terms. By doing so she:

  • debunks the narrow view of confidence society has written for us
  • redefines confidence as an inclusive construct that combines several innate strengths
  • helps you discover your “confidence language” and tap into the source of your self-belief
  • arms you with the tools to flex other strengths so you can shatter your expectations for yourself

Sun shares her own journey of self-discovery and growth and combines it with proprietary research, real-world examples, and anecdotes from other successful women who have championed their own definition of self-worth. Whatever stage of life you’re in, Gravitas offers valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed in any setting. Whether you are a mom, entrepreneur, creative soul, executive, thinker, maker, or doer, Sun will show you how you too can live life with total self-assurance and find your own gravitas.

About the Author

Lisa Sun is the founder and CEO of GRAVITAS, a company on a mission to catalyze confidence. GRAVITAS offers innovative size-inclusive apparel, styling solutions, and content designed to make over women from the inside out. Prior to founding GRAVITAS, Sun spent 11 years at McKinsey & Company, where she advised leading luxury fashion and beauty brands and retailers in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America on strategic and operational issues. Her first collection was featured in O, The Oprah magazine, People, and the Today show in the same month. Sun and GRAVITAS have been featured on CNN and in Forbes, Fast Company, New York magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, and more.

Praise For…

“Gravitas challenges the one-note version of confidence society has written for women and demonstrates that confidence comes in many forms. Discovering your own unique version of it—your confidence language—is an authentic and powerful route to self-belief. Simply put, it’s self-worth on your own terms.” - Mika Brzezinski, New York Times best-selling author of Know Your Value and co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe

“Lisa Sun makes a clear case for redefining confidence in the modern era. She reexamines outdated notions of what it means to be self-assured and creates a new vocabulary and practical guide we all can use to be truly confident in our personal lives and at work. It is a must read for anyone looking to find their voice and present themselves with true power.” - Deepa Purushothaman, author of The First, The Few, The Only

“In her fascinating new book, Gravitas, former McKinsey & Company consultant, entrepreneur, and glass-ceiling crasher Lisa Sun argues that self-confidence is an innate gift inside each of us to own, hone, and celebrate. Sun explains with great passion and precision how this singular manifestation of wellness, character, and faith radiates outward like a force multiplier. And through a step-by-step approach, Sun helps expand society’s definition of confidence to meet the challenges of modern life.” - John Gerzema, New York Times best-selling co-author of The Athena Doctrine

"Gravitas is a must read for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of themselves and their superpowers. Lisa Sun’s research, relatable examples, and firsthand personal experience, along with the brilliant quiz and explanation of what true confidence and leadership looks like, provide a road map for how we can be our best selves, not just at work, but in all facets of life. This is a guide I want to reread and give as a gift to everyone I care about to boost their confidence and help them understand what will make them shine in a joyful and sustainable way." - Vicky Nguyen, NBC News anchor and senior consumer investigative correspondent

"Gravitas is a playbook for confidence! Through her research-backed tools, Lisa empowers women to identify our unique gifts and shows us how to amplify them as our superpowers. She coaches us to examine areas where we aren’t naturally fluent and delivers powerful solutions to face challenges head-on. It’s a book about seeing yourself, loving yourself, and realizing how truly spectacular you are." - Julie Neimat, Warner Bros. Discovery EVP of Talent + Culture

"After I took the Gravitas Superpower Quiz, I knew author Lisa Sun was onto an important idea that would improve women's lives through rocket-boosting self-awareness. I was excited to find out my own confidence language and, through this extraordinary book, discover how to tap into its power. It has been a joy to apply what I learned to my personal and professional lives. I can't wait to share the quiz with friends and compare results!" - Dana Cowin, founder of Speaking Broadly

"In Gravitas, Lisa Sun shares lessons that will transform your life as she guides you through every step of your journey to claim your confidence. If your best friend, your mother, and your mentor had a baby, it would be this book." - Schele Williams, Broadway director and author of Your Legacy: A Bold Reclaiming of Our Enslaved History

You have to have ultimate belief in yourself because why should someone believe in you if you can’t believe in yourself? Gravitas answers that question with a powerful, practical guide to discovering and unlocking inner confidence. Lisa Sun offers her unique blend of down-to-earth warmth and well-researched insight to help us navigate through the minefields that chip away at our self-belief. If you want to block out the noise and tap into your own signature form of confidence, Gravitas is an essential companion.”  - Mindy Grossman, partner at The Consello Group and former CEO of WW International and HSNi

Gravitas is a compelling read and road map all-in-one that blasts through the real challenges women face at work and outside it. Lisa Sun is an inspiring storyteller, and her eight strengths are a powerful, practical, and creative way to gain self-awareness and self-acceptance—the first steps toward tremendous success in the work we choose to do. This is a book you’ll earmark and come back to regularly for practical advice and tools, and WWLD (what would Lisa do) will become your mantra!” - Joanna Barsh, McKinsey & Company senior partner emerita and best-selling author of How Remarkable Women Lead and Centered Leadership

Lisa Sun’s genuine desire to teach, support, and empower women is nothing short of magical, and in Gravitas she gives us a precision toolkit for identifying our unique strengths. Lisa taught me how to strategically harness my confidence as a business owner and entrepreneur, and I am thrilled that a larger audience will now have access to her powerful approach.  - Anna Kaiser, renowned wellness expert and founder of Anna Kaiser Studios

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ISBN: 9781401972530
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Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 256
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