Worth: An Inspiring True Story of Abandonment, Exile, Inner Strength and Belonging (Paperback)

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The memoir of an African-Asian woman adopted into a Punjabi, Sikh family, and her story of overcoming racism, sexism, health problems and escaping Uganda after the expelling of Asians from the country in 1972.

A powerful memoir of overcoming adversity that will inspire you to find strength from within and shape your own destiny.

Bharti Dhir faced many challenges in her childhood that could have broken her. As a baby, she was abandoned at a roadside in the Ugandan heat, and miraculously found by a passerby. By divine guidance, Bharti's adoptive mother was led to her hospital cot and welcomed Bharti into their Punjabi-Sikh family. Despite experiencing sexism and racism as an Asian-African girl, and developing an incurable skin condition, Bharti found hope through the fear and prejudice.

Then, in 1972 when Idi Amin expelled Asians from Uganda, Bharti's family were forced to flee to the UK. She remembers the horrific moment when her adoptive mother was ordered, at gunpoint, to abandon Bharti because of the color of her skin. With incredible courage, she refused, risking their lives to protect Bharti as her own.

Throughout her struggles, Bharti retained faith in a divine power within all of us that gives us strength, protects us and loves us unconditionally. Years later, now a social worker specializing in child protection, Bharti lives in the UK with an adopted daughter of her own and has found her true purpose and sense of self-worth.

About the Author

Bharti Dhir is a writer and a qualified social worker specializing in child protection. She was born in Uganda and adopted by an Asian family at a time when adoption was taboo; the family later fled the country after the expulsion of Asians in 1972. Bharti now lives in Reading, UK, with her adopted daughter.

Praise For…

Life can often be more dramatic than fiction. The author endured much, survived and emerged with understanding, articulacy and strength. A remarkable testimony to the human spirit. - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, writer, broadcaster and academic

Beautifully written and utterly compelling, Bharti Dhir's Worth inspires you to reach deep into your core to access the layer of strength, faith and hope which is available to us all - irrespective of challenge. This masterpiece of a book is essential reading and testament to the divine support available to us if we will only ask for it. - Jessica Huie MBE, author of Purpose

Bharti Dhir shares her gripping and inspiring life story in this beautiful book that shows the reader what true self-worth looks like. Her journey from being an unwanted and abandoned child with life threatening illnesses to finding her place in the world is extraordinary. Seeing how she not only overcame her many trials and tribulations, but thrived and made it her mission to serve others, especially struggling children, is a testament to love and the human spirit. - Yamile Yemoonyah, author of The Seven Types of Spirit Guide

A truly touching and honest portrayal. Abandoned at birth, this memoir by a courageous woman is a powerful depiction of adoption, upheaval, displacement, trauma and life's possibilities. Through a tapestry of experiences and emotions, Bharti Dhir connects with her reader with depth and conviction. - Professor Ravinder Barn, Royal Holloway University of London

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ISBN: 9781401961275
ISBN-10: 1401961274
Publisher: Hay House UK
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 272