Albania: To Be or Not to Be? (Paperback)

Albania: To Be or Not to Be? By Bejtullah Destani Cover Image
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''We ourselves, at the outset of the war, received from a responsible Serbian source this frank announcement: "We will extirpate the Albanians." Now that this system of annihilation is being persisted in without modification, despite all European protests, we deem it our duty to reveal the designs of the gentlemen of Belgrade without more ado... In this matter facts speak more loudly than any confessions could. Since Serbian troops crossed the borders last autumn and occupied districts there inhabited by Albanians, one blood-bath has followed another in sequence. In isolated cases the conqueror may have been forced in self-defence to proceed with all martial vigour against an Albanian village from which his troops were perhaps fired on from behind. But to raze hundreds of villages to the ground, to butcher tens of thousands of non-combatants, men, women, and children, these are deeds which no martial law, no precept of self-preservation enjoins...

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ISBN: 9781398480025
ISBN-10: 1398480029
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: March 31st, 2023
Pages: 206
Language: English