Moments of Melancholy (Hardcover)

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By Misabel
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Silent, moonlit nights, gently drifting autumn leaves, a hint of perfume sparking a memory and the various shades of grey on a gloomy day are just some of the moments infused with the pain of an aching heart that inspired the words in Moments of Melancholy. These are poems for the tender-hearted, the sorrowful souls and the phoenixes who rise from the ashes of lost loves. This collection of 34 poems deals with the deepest of human emotions and draws examples from the greatest role model of all time: nature.
Each poem can be read as a standalone piece, or the collection can be worked through as a journey of a heart breaking, and healing, and learning to love and live again. After many years of writing and collating, these poems are being published in the hope that readers find comradeship and comfort in the words Misabel shares, as well as a genuine enjoyment and appreciation of her novice but nevertheless heartfelt poetry.

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ISBN: 9781398434264
ISBN-10: 1398434264
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: January 31st, 2022
Pages: 44
Language: English