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How can we be sure the oppressed do not become oppressors in their turn? How can we create a feminism that doesn't turn into yet another tool for oppression? It has become commonplace to argue that, in order to fight the subjugation of women, we have to unpack the ways different forms of oppression intersect with one another: class, race, gender, sexuality, disability, and ecology, to name only a few. By arguing that there is no single factor, or arche, explaining the oppression of women, Chiara Bottici proposes a radical anarchafeminist philosophy inspired by two major claims: that there is something specific to the oppression of women, and that, in order to fight that, we need to untangle all other forms of oppression and the anthropocentrism they inhabit. Anarchism needs feminism to address the continued subordination of all femina, but feminism needs anarchism if it does not want to become the privilege of a few. Anarchafeminism calls for a decolonial and deimperial position and for a renewed awareness of the somatic communism connecting all different life forms on the planet. In this new revolutionary vision, feminism does not mean the liberation of the lucky few, but liberation for all living creatures from both capitalist exploitation and an androcentric politics of domination. Either all or none of us will be free.

About the Author

Chiara Bottici is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research, USA. She is the author of Men and States (2009), A Philosophy of Political Myth (2010), The Myth of the Clash of Civilization (2010), Imagining Europe: Myth, Memory, and Identity (2013) and Imaginal Politics: Images beyond the Imagination and beyond the Imaginary (2014). She is also editor of The Politics of Imagination, co-edited with Benoit Challand (2011) and The Anarchist Turn, co-edited with Jacob Blumenfeld and Simon Critchley (2013)

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