Iclicker+ Student Remote and Reef 6m Packaging (Other)

Iclicker+ Student Remote and Reef 6m Packaging Cover Image
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iClicker+ remote & iClicker Reef (Six-Month Access)

Participate in iClicker classroom polls and quizzes with your iClicker+ remote or via iClicker's mobile app on Apple or Android smartphones.
The iClicker+ remote has A-E buttons and can be used for multiple choice polling.

Additionally with the iClicker Reef mobile app, students can:

  • Bring your own device
  • Use your iPhone or Android device, laptop or tablet to participate in iClicker polls and quizzes.
  • View questions & answers
  • Review all of the questions asked during class. View the question images, your answers, the correct answers, and how the rest of the class answered.
  • Enjoy advanced question types
  • Answer questions by tapping on an image or by sending a tweet length response.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781319149246
ISBN-10: 1319149243
Publisher: Iclicker
Publication Date: June 1st, 2017
Language: English