The Unbelievable & True Story Behind Shelly Garrett's Beauty Shop (Paperback)

The Unbelievable & True Story Behind Shelly Garrett's Beauty Shop Cover Image
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A look at how ""The Godfather Of Black Theatre"" started the trend of all the touring stage plays in America. There were so many people who laughed at him when he mentioned he was writing a stage play called ""BEAUTY SHOP,"" but Shelly Garrett got the last laugh, as his historical stage production went on to gross more than 33 million dollars and that was in the late 1980's. That figure today would equal more than 100 million dollars. Find out how he would ""woo"" the radio and television stations to promote his production. Also, his relationships with promoters across the country and one who stole more than a million dollars from him, without his knowledge. His rocky marriage to singer Me'Lisa Morgan (""Do Me Baby"") is a mouth-dropping subject in this book and what was done to end the nuptials. ""The entire book will keep you on the edge of your seat; it is definitely interesting reading and some of the incidents are truly incredible,"" states a well-noted reviewer. By far, worth every penny.

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ISBN: 9781312009721
ISBN-10: 1312009721
Publication Date: February 12th, 2014
Pages: 202
Language: English