The Compact Book Of Adjusting Liability Claims Second Edition: A Handbook for the Liability Claims Adjuster (Paperback)

The Compact Book Of Adjusting Liability Claims Second Edition: A Handbook for the Liability Claims Adjuster Cover Image
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Adjusting liability insurance claims requires skill, patience, knowledge of insurance, basic knowledge of tort and contract law, and knowledge and experience as an investigator. The liability claims adjuster is faced with the following basic obligations:1.To understand the law of torts as applied in the state where the adjuster works.2.To understand the law of contracts as applied in the state where the adjuster works.3.To understand sufficient medical terminology to be able to evaluate claims of injury.4.To understand the costs to repair or replace damaged real or personal property.5.To understand how to read and apply the terms and conditions of a liability insurance policy.6.To understand how to thoroughly investigate all claims assigned.7.To conduct an investigation of every claim assigned fairly and in good faith with an intent to find coverage for the loss presented by the insured.8.To understand how to analyze the insurance coverage and apply the facts established by the adjuster's thorough investigation to the policy wording.9.To be able to negotiate with claimants and lawyers to resolve bodily injury or property damage claims.10.To pay promptly all claims the insurer owes under the contract.11.To resist, and not pay, all claims the insurer does not owe under the contract of insurance. In the United States, the average adjuster is a 22-year-old female graduate of a liberal arts college who has little or no training sufficient to allow her to fulfill the obligations imposed on her as a representative of an insurer. Much to the chagrin of insurance claims professionals, some modern insurance companies simply hire a person to be an adjuster, provide no training, and send them out to deal with the public with only the assistance of a claims supervisor who may only have two years-experience.This Compact Book of Adjusting Liability Claims- Second Edition is designed to provide the new adjuster with a basic grounding in what is needed to become a competent and effective insurance adjuster. It also works as a refresher for the experienced adjuster.

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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2019
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