How To Raise Educational Productivity To Teachers (Paperback)

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Is teaching in class often simulated by questions or problem solving exercises as the students think about what who would answer in a particular situations? I feel these talking performance will increase attention and motivation to students and interactive lecturing strategy can encourage students to participate to ask questions in classroom. Because motivation is the essential ingredients for learning and often is more than intelligence to the student. I feel interactive lectures can simulate interest and help to maintain attention. By encouraging student to talk in classroom to be apply to feel life situations or focusing to use interactive lecturers in methods to motivate students read and learn more. How to evaluate interactive lecturing to facilities? In fact, interactive lecturing can facilitate these teaching material presented. It also assist teachers and students to solve problem and to assist to make decision, communication skills in classroom more easy. This is particularly important in medical education where the application of use of information is as important as recall of patient records of facts to carrying on researching. Moreover, interactive techniques allow teachers to receive feedback at a number of levels: on students needs ( at the beginning, middle or end of a lecture), students on the other hand, can get feedback on their own knowledge or performance. In summary, participation on the part of the teacher interactive lecturing encourages active participation on the part of the teacher and the student. This method of teaching encourages student attention and allows for instant feedback on whether the lecture material has been understood.How are commonly used from interactive techniques? These interactive teaching techniques have multiple benefits, so the instructor can easily and quickly assess of students have really mastered the studying materials and plan to dedicate move time to it, if necessary and the process of measuring student understanding in many cases is also practice for the study materials, often students don't actually learn the study material until of these assessments drives interactivity and brings several benefits. These interactive teaching techniques can let students feel more fun to listen a lecture to teach attentively in classroom.The lecture instructor action includes, such as at the first, showing picture is as an image to students with no explanation, and asking them to identify or explain it and to justify their answers. Or asking students to write it using terms from lecture, or to name the processes and concepts down. Also, works are well as group activity. The lecturer can not give the answer to let students to know until who have explored all options first. At the second point, lecturer can ask a rhetorical question, and then allow 15-25 seconds, for students to think about the problem before the lecturers hope to wait to explain the question.

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