Effects of Nitrogen-Sulphur Fertilization on Mustard (Paperback)

Effects of Nitrogen-Sulphur Fertilization on Mustard By Rajesh Kumar Cover Image
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The book "Effects of Nitrogen-Sulphur Fertilization on Mustard" thoroughly explores how using nitrogen-sulphur fertilizers affects the growth, development, and productivity of mustard crops. This insightful book looks closely at the important connection between these essential nutrients and how they help mustard plants grow better.

By using a lot of research and real-world evidence, the book gives us valuable information about how using nitrogen-sulphur fertilizers affects different parts of growing mustard. It talks about things like how the plants take in nutrients, how they work inside the plants, what makes them produce more crops, how much oil they have, and how good the crops are overall. By learning about these things, we can understand better how to use fertilizers in the best way to help mustard plants grow well.

The authors of the book carefully study how mustard plants react to nitrogen-sulphur fertilizers, looking at both how the plants work and how their chemistry changes. They also see how these nutrients interact with other things in the environment, showing us how they can work together or against each other. The book also talks about different ways to put the fertilizers on the plants, how much to use, and when to do it. This helps farmers and plant experts know the best ways to make their crops grow well.

All through the book, the authors talk a lot about how to do farming in a way that keeps things balanced and doesn't hurt the environment. They also explain how important it is to take care of the nutrients so that the crops grow the best they can, but without causing problems for the land, water, and nature around.

"Effects of Nitrogen-Sulphur Fertilization on Mustard" is a very important book for scientists, experts in farming, farmers themselves, and students who are learning about farming. It has a lot of information, real examples, and practical ideas that can help make growing mustard better, get more crops, and do it all in a way that's good for the environment.

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Publication Date: August 12th, 2023
Pages: 120
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