The 3: 16 Challenge: Life Changing Scriptures @ Your Fingertips (Paperback)

The 3: 16 Challenge: Life Changing Scriptures @ Your Fingertips By Danielle Aly'ce Rome -. Briggs Cover Image
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"The 3:16 Challenge" is a unique and powerful book that takes readers on a journey through the 48 verses of the Bible that share the 3:16 scriptural address. With a deep reverence for the Word of God, the author explores the origins, meanings, and significance of each of these verses, revealing the profound truths and messages that they contain.

At the heart of this book is the recognition that there are certain scriptures that resonate with us so deeply that we find ourselves returning to them time and time again. For many believers, the 3:16 verses of the Bible hold a special place in their hearts, offering comfort, hope, and assurance of God's love and presence in their lives.

Through a combination of insightful commentary, personal reflections, and practical applications, "The 3:16 Challenge" invites readers to engage with the Word of God in a deeper and more meaningful way. Whether you are a seasoned believer or someone who is just starting to explore the Christian faith, this book offers a powerful and transformative journey that will help you to grow in your understanding of God's love and grace.

At its core, "The 3:16 Challenge" is a celebration of the divine truths that unite us as believers and a testament to the power of the Word of God to transform our lives. It is a book that will inspire, challenge, and encourage you to live a life of faith and purpose, rooted in the love and grace of God.

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ISBN: 9781088131350
ISBN-10: 1088131352
Publisher: David Shawn Briggs
Publication Date: May 6th, 2023
Pages: 212
Language: English