Crossroads - Destiny: Escape From Beyond The Iron Curtain - A True Story (Hardcover)

Crossroads - Destiny: Escape From Beyond The Iron Curtain - A True Story By Peter Vancea Cover Image
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Each and every one of us will, throughout our lives, find ourselves sitting at a crossroads. The next decision will determine the direction our lives will take, for better or worse. No one can know with any absolute certainty just what the outcome may be. Therein lies the soul of this book. Personal to all of us are the elements of choice, touched with the indifferent dictates of cause and effect. This is a genuinely heartfelt and unique book of wisdom, for within its pages and between every line of text is the underlying darkness of our journey in this life, doubt. By taking this book into your hands and not only reading what is written but listening to what is being said, a light will shine in that darkness, revealing to each of us what can only be "our own truth." Peter has taken up the challenge of telling his story of rebellion against his father and his religion, against the oppressions and shortcomings of the Communist system.

Peter has gathered the courage to tell his story to a broader audience in order to relate his personal suffering and challenges, as well as his accomplishments and victories. When all the world around him seemed poised to negate his very existence, Peter would face it head-on with assuredness and confidence. Self-doubt and the fear of failure did not gain a stronghold in his journey to find a better way of life. From the shores of the Danube River to the San Francisco Bay, from beyond the dreaded Iron Curtain to America, the land of freedom, and there laid the unfathomable treacherous journey in his path. Against all odds, he conquered it.

This book is a moving and heartfelt testament to the courage we all possess, but few of us realize we have. I encourage all who read these pages to question their own self-doubt, face the fear that holds you in place, and embark upon your lifetime's journey with confidence and courage. I know that as I sit at that crossroad, this very moment, my next decision could determine the direction the rest of my life will take. I think I will bring a friend. Thank you, Peter

Laro Nicol

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ISBN: 9781088049952
ISBN-10: 1088049958
Publisher: Peter Vancea
Publication Date: September 16th, 2022
Pages: 302
Language: English