Smart Love (Paperback)

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Establish healthy communication in your relationship with this insightful guide, which includes activities, examples, and experience.

Where do you turn when all your ideas for improving your marriage fail? If you're seeking new ways to communicate with your partner and strengthen the bonds that brought you together, SMART Love methodology offers a welcome and effective alternative.

A relationship guide with concrete examples, SMART Love lays out an interactive and empowering method to foster communication and ultimately help save your marriage from divorce. Drawing on a year-long case study of a troubled relationship, Vincent Fudge II discusses the importance of concepts such as emphasizing communication techniques, measuring progress, and practicing relational accountability and alignment of goals.

Learning how to be a better partner takes commitment and understanding. With this book, you will have the tools needed to improve your chances of success and lifelong love.

"SMART Love a quasi-fictional educational narrative that focuses on relational improvement by establishing healthy behaviors in a relationship emphasizing effective communication techniques, measuring progress, relational accountability, and alignment on relationship goals. Edward (the narrator and main character, ) describes the 1-year journey through which he worked with his wife to improve their relationship. With chapters existing as month-long reviews, each month/chapter is transitioned into with a flashback memory of a significant event that provides context as to how they wound up where they were at the beginning of the 1-year journey. Key instances of communications successes, capitalized by positive outcomes from the SMART Love exercises, inspire Edward to continue working on making his marriage work. Conceptually, SMART Love is designed to do two things: 1. Tell a story about a man's commitment to work on fixing his relationship and describe very vividly what that experience looked like, and 2. Share realistic relationship improvement concepts and describing how to approach implementing them." -Vincent Fudge II

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087900483
ISBN-10: 1087900484
Publisher: Lloyd Vincent Fudge Jr
Publication Date: July 24th, 2020
Pages: 206
Language: English