Adam and Eve (Paperback)

Adam and Eve Cover Image
By Josh Martin, Katherine Talamantez (Contribution by), Curtis Walt Ferris (Contribution by)
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Along time ago, before the earth even existed, someone decided to create life as we know it. With wisdom and good intentions, the Creator commanded a place into existence called Heaven, where he would reside. Below Heaven, he created a perfect whole world with a sky, waters, land, plants, animals, a man and a woman In this world, there is no death.

However, he gave the man and woman one command so that they can obey him. If they disobeyed him, it would be the birth of death in the world See what happens in Josh Martin's rendition of this biblical story that he wrote and illustrated after performing extensive research on it's history.

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ISBN: 9781087812236
ISBN-10: 1087812232
Publisher: Martin Animation Studios
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2019
Pages: 116
Language: English