The Power of Now: Power of Now: A Complete Practical Guide to Self-Freedom and Self-Discipline, Effect Eye Day Crawdads Educated (Paperback)

The Power of Now: Power of Now: A Complete Practical Guide to Self-Freedom and Self-Discipline, Effect Eye Day Crawdads Educated Cover Image
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What is the 'self'? What is the nature of 'I'? The reasons for you deciding to read this book are many. People across the globe have all kinds of problems in their daily lives, and at some point, everyone begins to ask the eternal question: What is my role in all of this?

It can be a scary question to ask. If you happen to be at a crossroads in your life, then the answer to this question taken on a grand significance. It will seem as if every decision you make from here on out will either lead to chaos or prosperity. Looking at the world in binary, that is as a have or have not, positive or negative, black or white, form is one of the hallmarks of a mind that isn't trained or wise enough to contemplate its own magnificence.

Acceptance of ambiguity and the lack of a definite answer is a major weakness in Western societies. We're simply not equipped to deal with uncertainty and situations where outcomes are not clear. This is especially true when it comes to ourselves. The current Millennial generation is discovering this first-hand.

The socioeconomic conditions into which a Millennial has entered is very different from what America and the west have traditionally offered. Jobs are present, but given the scary levels of debt, one needs to assume to land one, the pay is almost moot. The net result is a generational war of sorts between conservative older folk, who believe the kids are lazy, and the younger folk who believe the older people screwed things up.

This book is not going to solve global economic problems, far from it. However, given the anxiety and stress-ridden world of today, it pays to step back and examine our place in everything. Man's first instinct in the search for meaning is to look outward. The truth is if you wish to discover the secrets of life, nature, and the universe, all you need to do is look inward.

This is how you set yourself on the path to right action and relieve yourself from negative pressure. A lot of people get down on themselves and paint themselves as victims. This is but the ego fooling you.

You are no victim. You are strong and have the backing of the most powerful force in the universe, which is to say, you are an extension of it and contain within you everything you need to achieve what you want.

You just need to open yourself up to it. Surrender and let it flow through you.

This book will teach you how to reconnect and discover yourself. Discovering the order of things and their attendant meaning is nothing more than discovering yourself. After all, nature is represented in you. Understand your true nature, and you'll understand nature.

As a clarification, this book's aim is not to help you discover your life's purpose or teach you how to attract prosperity. Those aims will take care of themselves only when you understand higher principles. The highest principle for you to understand is the nature of your mind and "I." Your issues with discipline and stress and anxiety, all emanate from a lack of understanding of these things.

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