A Starter Guide to College for Clueless Students & Parents: For a State College or the Ivy League, Here's What You Need to Know (Hardcover)

A Starter Guide to College for Clueless Students & Parents: For a State College or the Ivy League, Here's What You Need to Know Cover Image
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A Starter Guide to College for Clueless Students & Parents covers the basics and has details on the full range of college topics, including a lot of the fine print.

Checklists are provided for each year of high school. A comprehensive checklist for the application for each college is provided.

It is a reference book for these many details for when you need them. Use some chapters now, and come back to other chapters later, even in a year or more.

Which colleges are realistic? Which are affordable? Do not count any of them out yet. Can you get a great degree without a huge debt? Sure, if you make the right choices.

These topics are covered:

  • How to get college-ready and admissions-ready;
  • Benefits of community colleges and public colleges;
  • Selective admissions factors and expectations;
  • Activities, internships and sports;
  • Practice for standardized tests and subject tests;
  • Application checklists and procedures;
  • Financial aid and cost comparisons;
  • Meeting admissions officials; and
  • Essays and interviews.

After knowing more, students and parents can better discuss and think about all these factors to decide if college is indeed the best option, and what type of college is best.

The book explains the basics, and moves into detailed information that you may not need right away, but probably will use later.

It has handy reference pages containing checklists, testing rules, calendars, admissions statistics, college degree levels, and websites to use, so you don't have to look everything up yourself. You don't have to remember everything now. You can go back to the book again and again when you need the information.

For the maze of selective college applications, admissions and choices, the Starter Guide explains the basics, and then provides a detailed analysis of the situation, presents a detailed plan of action and points you to the some of the best sources for even more information to complete a serious run for the Ivies and the other top 50 to top 150 colleges.

In addition, the great benefits of community colleges, public honors colleges, tuition discounts in nearby states, affordable regional colleges and flagship universities are explained.

Finances and financial aid are covered, with estimates of what to expect from both public and private colleges, with examples for various household income levels.

Students and parents will find advice on how to meet admissions staff. Learn how to build an impressive record based on what the colleges are looking for. Students will find practical advice on how to make the best impression with their attire, conversational interactions, paperwork and correspondence. Learn which questions to ask and how to best convey your story, while knowing what things to avoid saying and doing (and there are a few).

High school guidance counselors will like the reference information on testing (test by test, 8th grade to 12th grade, in reference summary pages) and admissions statistics. The book covers test schedules, reporting, fees, fee waivers, test cancellation procedures, information websites, admissions events, admissions statistics for 120 colleges in one spot (the publisher looked them up and calculated them so you don't have to). See about fine print admissions details, like the lowest test scores for admissions at a college.

The Starter Guide to College for Clueless Students & Parents is a good value.

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ISBN: 9780999586020
ISBN-10: 0999586025
Publisher: Starter Guides LLC
Publication Date: January 16th, 2018
Pages: 344
Language: English