Fishkeeping for Kids (Paperback)

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Fishkeeping for Kids is a guide to fishkeeping written especially for kids 8+, but it serves as a good guide for beginning fishkeepers of any age. Written by Brian Conway, this book uses easy-to-read language and images to help the information be easily understood by anyone.

This book covers all the steps that a beginner fishkeeper will face, from choosing and maintaining the fish tank to learning about fish and how to take good care of them. There are very few books out there that can help someone who just started fishkeeping, and most of them are either too complex, and complicated to understand, or they weren't detailed enough; Fishkeeping For Kids fills in that gap.

"This book is a fabulous resource for the beginning fishkeeper, a must-have for any household Brian, the author, has been a true pleasure to work with and it's inspiring to see someone his age reach his goals and serve as an example for others his age. We believe we've seen just the tip of the iceberg for where Brian is headed." - Eli Camp, ND, Founder of Vital Health Publishing.

Brian Conway has been an avid fishkeeper since he was 9 years old. He was asked to research all the ins and outs of fishkeeping before he got permission to have fish tanks. There was a lot of information to find but he found that existing books were either too complicated or too simple. In 2018, when he was 10, Brian decided to write the book he could not find when he was starting out with his hobby. His book, Fishkeeping For Kids, published in 2022 when Brian was just 13 years old, fills that gap and provides clear and easy-to-understand information with full-color illustrations.

After Brian wrote the book he said, "This is the book I wish I'd had to read " Brian, along with his younger sister, is homeschooled and he has chosen to pursue a profession in marine biology. He and his family have recently set up a small homestead in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, complete with horses, chickens, bees, a pond and fish. He plans to write additional books for fish enthusiasts.

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Publisher: Vital Health Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 184
Language: English