Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns: Perfect for Beginner to Advanced Loom Knitters (Paperback)

Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns: Perfect for Beginner to Advanced Loom Knitters By Kristen K. Mangus, Kristen K. Mangus (Editor) Cover Image
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In this book, "Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns", you will learn basics to beyond, find valuable reference information, math explained, and simply find how to get the most out of your knitting skills.

Learn abbreviations and their meanings, stitches explained, how to work stitches, and patterns to get you started. Skills for this book range from absolute beginner to advanced loom knitters. If you have already loomed before feel free to dive right in or visit the Loom Basics Chapter first to get a jump-start. Intermediate and advanced loom knitters will find valuable reference materials in the Knitter's Math and Charts Chapter.

Includes links for video and online references; a master link is given to access a bonus PDF with 10 valuable charts and 170 reference links.

Unlike other loom knitting books, this book includes a valuable chart on looms listed in their gauge. It also suggests equivalant needle ranges, yarn weights, stitches per inch ranges and even the right crochet hook to go with it all. Metric numbers are also included for the UK/AU standard for yarn. This was a true labor of love and features a chapter dedicated on Gauge Also found are how to read patterns and charts, how to convert a needle pattern with a handy reference chart, and calculate formulas for how much yarn needed or stitches to cast-on

Besides all the reference materials, you will find 10 patterns included.

This book has been requested by many friends and followers of Kristen Mangus and GoodKnit Kisses YouTube channel over the years and is dedicated to them.

"Today GKK has over 137K Subscribers and 20 Million views with people getting the help they need and having fun " -Kristen

Excerpt From: Kristen Mangus. "Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns"

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Here are reviews already coming in on this book from fellow loom knitters:

"This book is a must have from beginners to experienced loom knitters. It's a treasure trove of information, references and materials with patterns for beginners to the experienced knitters. I have not come across a loom knit book this comprehensive. Kristen did an amazing job with this ebook. Kudos -Calvin"

"I think the book is simply amazing I think it should become the go to book for every loom knitter. It has everything you need to get started as a loom knitter. Plus, the charts, tools in there to help experienced loom knitter's. It's the best loom knitting book I've ever seen. It is absolutely worth every penny. I can't wait to give the book a more thorough look. - R. A."

"This is the most detailed book I've seen in awhile I love all the written instructions, examples, chart AND links to videos I feel like my head is gonna explode with all the information given" - Valerie

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ISBN: 9780997632910
ISBN-10: 0997632917
Publisher: Goodknit Kisses
Publication Date: May 20th, 2016
Pages: 120
Language: English