The Drunk Dial: 5th Anniversary Edition (Paperback)

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Reading this book could save you over $16,000 or more when you factor in inflation, court costs, attorney's fees, increased insurance, time off work etc... It could save your life

If you are old enough to drink, then you are old enough to drive. If you are old enough to drink and drive, chances are youhave probably done it at one time or another. This book answers a lot of "what if" DUI scenarios that could save you both time, money and energy, through the stories of many individuals coupled with the fundamentals of the laws from Drinking and Driving.

This book has been read by all walks of life and applies to both young and old. It contains helpful tips that can change your life and hopefully save lives in the process.

J. Wesley Johnson III, former athlete, has played basketball at the home of Michael Jordan, in addition to some of the other top athletes in the world, during his four-year journey as a European Professional Basketball Player. He then made the transition from professional sports to become an entrepreneur in the insurance industry. Johnson has over a decade of professional experience and insight on covering drivers behind the wheel of a car. Naturally, he embodies goodwill and dedication to service in communities and service to others. These DUI scenarios have been compiled from a veteran Risk Advisor's perspective about what is important to know for anyone who drinks and drives.

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ISBN: 9780997110098
ISBN-10: 0997110090
Publisher: Vibrant Energy Publishing House
Publication Date: December 29th, 2020
Pages: 302
Language: English