Dad, Win Without A Lawyer: While Rediscovering Your Soul (Paperback)

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Dad, Win Without a Lawyer, written by Canadian family law pioneer Carey Linde, is the undisputed bible for self-represented parents serious about being actively involved in their child's life. "Carey Linde is a brilliant attorney with not just the experience, but also the integrity, insight and courage to replace the best interests of his pocketbook with the best interests of our children. Dad: With without a Lawyer is one of the most important books ever written for the millions of children whose dads either cannot afford to have an attorney fight for them in court or who do not wish to use their college education money to do so." - Warren Farrell, Ph.D. Author, Father and Child Reunion, and The Boy Crisis (co-author, John Gray) You wouldn't want to perform your own heart surgery but you sure can do a good job - perhaps the best - speaking from your heart on behalf of your own children in a court of law. There is no person better at any fee. You are your own best advocate. Dad, Win Without a Lawyer will help you survive the legal process and assist you in becoming a more creative, purposeful, and compassionate parent. His revealing book is primarily aimed at fathers, but Carey's work is useful for any parent - mother or father - who is being pushed out of their children's lives by the other parent. Whether you have just separated from the mother of your children and the court process is ahead of you, or you are in the court process now, or this life-changing event is behind you, the key message of Dad, Win Without a Lawyer is the same: Every misfortune is an opportunity in disguise. Dad, Win Without a Lawyer takes the reader on a journey that will not only make you a stronger person in court but a stronger person in life and a better overall parent. Contained in the pages of this insightful manual are strategies, tactics, and tips from many decades litigating in the gauntlets of court, negotiating on courthouse steps, and mediating family disputes. But success in family court requires more than a clever legal strategy. It also requires a healthy body and mind. Good parents are mentally stable and present themselves as such in court. Without emotional stability and your eye on the correct ball, the court biases against fathers and the maneuvers of opposing lawyers can keep you from your children. It's absolutely critical you bring your very best game to court. Key to being at the top of your game is emotional stability, conviction of purpose, positive energy, and a respect for the role of the mother in your child's life. When you walk into the courtroom, it must be with a mental attitude imbued with self-knowledge, enabling you to put aside the pain, losses and failures so that you can become the father your child needs. Like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Carey Linde''s inspiring book speaks to a great deal more than its title suggests, to more than people with only legal problems. It is a primer for any person with the will to rise up out of the shadows of despair however caused to higher self-awareness.

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ISBN: 9780995226906
ISBN-10: 0995226903
Publisher: Divorce for Men Publishing
Publication Date: December 12th, 2016
Pages: 322
Language: English