Pace: a book about running, not running and taming my inner ******* (Paperback)

Pace: a book about running, not running and taming my inner ******* Cover Image
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"This is not your typical book about running Great stories & practical tips on how to pace yourself in life not pacing your run. I laughed, I cried. This author has a great perspective on life." -Reader Review

This book is for runners, people thinking about running, type-A personality athletes, people working long hours confined by horrible little cubicles and people interested in applying endurance sports principles to work and life.

From the author: "I'm not scared to admit I am type-A personality. I own it along with the rest of my junk, but it has taken many years and an unfortunate episode with my heart to try to be kinder to myself. The real progress in my journey started when I took all the research I was focused on in my work - pace, recovery, visualization, fit and form - and applied it to my work, sport and life. Quite absurdly my overall goal has been to run faster, next in line has been a more balanced life. I know that should be reversed, but we all know what motivates us right? Every day I am working on just enjoying the moment and flushing unrealistic expectations down the toilet."

This book is about my personal evolution, in both running and not running. I include some research that helped me run easier and faster, talk from other runners, and some thoughts from my 'inner *******'. My siblings said I talk too much about my personal life. I'm okay with that. Just wait until they read what I wrote about them ;)"

Reader Review: "I loved this book, even though I am not a runner (yet). I think that may change after this read though The writing style is candid, self-deprecating and relatable to anyone who has had struggles with time management, health, and juggling everything on his or her plate. Look for the deeper message in this book and you will find it. The thought-provoking stories and energetic drive toward wellness and balance made a lasting impression on me, whereas most books do not. Whether you are a runner or not, whether you are an ergonomist or not, I highly recommend this book."

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ISBN: 9780995090569
ISBN-10: 0995090564
Publisher: Ergorunning
Publication Date: April 16th, 2019
Pages: 176
Language: English