Capital Frontline: Raise Conscious Money & Jump-Start Your Business within Healing Capitalism "Money & Consciousness" Series (Paperback)

Capital Frontline: Raise Conscious Money & Jump-Start Your Business within Healing Capitalism
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From Wall Street Frontline to the Conscious Capitalism Movement; how to Get Your Startup off The Ground And have a positive Impact on Society? Where to Find Investors? How to Gain that Crucial Early Traction? How to Raise Capital through both Traditional and New Ways of Financing?

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur because technology changed the game for startups and access to capital is easier than ever with more financing options available.

However taking-off and financing your venture can be like navigating a war zone and entrepreneurs need every weapon in their arsenal to win.

Beyond Growth Hacking, Lean and Scalability Strategies; it boils down to fundamentals. To be successful requires aligning your mind, your body, and your spirit to deal with the global reality and beat the odds. It's all about fundamentals such as Character, Confidence, Authenticity, and Humility.

Whether you are starting your first company or are a lifelong entrepreneur, this book will provide you with the tools and resources you need:

* Key Steps to Start Your Business

* Build Your Story, Company and Personal Brand

* Strategies to Acquire New Clients and Retain Them

* Create a Business Plan That Will Get You Investors

* Locate Investors Online and Offline, in the US and Overseas

* Understand the Legal Process and the Documents Needed to Raise Capital

* Write a Killer Pitch, and Close Your Deal

* Expand Your Business into Global Markets

* Navigate the New World Order of Finance

After fourteen years in the investment industry, Alaoui explains that this process requires discipline, skills, mental toughness, and the understanding that failure is not fatal; it is a learning curve.

From Crowdfunding to current events to Pitching Investors, author Sam Alaoui leaves no stone of capital fundraising unturned.

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About the Author

Sam Alaoui is a self-made entrepreneur and a registered investment advisor who grew up in Casablanca. Watching Wall Street as a teenager inspired him to become a finance professional on Wall Street. Alaoui studied in France before moving to New York, where he started his own investment firm and international consulting company. Alaoui has an MBA in Finance and Management and a Master of International Business. He currently serves as a wealth manager, is the co-founder and managing partner of Capital Trust & Associates LLC (, and is the CEO of Capital Frontline LLC ( Alaoui is co-founding a movement with the new way of thinking on Wall Street, "the process of healing capitalism," which will be explored further in his Money & Consciousness series.

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ISBN: 9780990630708
ISBN-10: 0990630706
Publisher: Capital Frontline LLC
Publication Date: September 28th, 2016
Pages: 298
Language: English