Badass Retirement: Shatter the Retirement Myth and Live With More Meaning, Money, and Adventure (Paperback)

Badass Retirement: Shatter the Retirement Myth and Live With More Meaning, Money, and Adventure By Robert Pagliarini Cover Image
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The traditional approach to retirement is FAILING us. It's based on the belief that retirees and aging are synonymous with becoming weaker and less capable. That retirement is about winding down and playing it safe, because, you know, retirees are frail. This outdated and patronizing view assumes that when you retire from your job, you also retire from life.

In retirement, you have more time, money, resources, and wisdom than you've ever had. You can be more adventurous, pursue your dreams, and have a greater impact. But that's not the message we tell retirees.

If you think taking it easy, avoiding challenges, and creating a life of comfort leads to happiness and fulfillment after you stop working you've fallen for the retirement myth.

If you want your best days to be ahead of you. If you want to take on big challenges that give you purpose. If you want to feel stronger and have more energy with each passing day. If you want to make an impact and feel valued. If you want total financial security. If you want to live a bold life that's rich with adventure and excited, Badass Retirement is for you.

Learn insider strategies that Robert Pagliarini, Ph.D, CFP has used for almost three decades to help thousands of clients grow their wealth and live their best lives in retirement.

The strategies in Badass Retirement have helped thousands of retirees and pre-retirees to:

  • Find Greater Meaning and true fulfillment - feel that your days and life have purpose, you are needed, and you are growing and becoming.
  • Achieve Total Financial Security and live with peace & confidence - no longer needing to worry about money or the stock market
  • Live with unbridled energy & ability through Upgraded Health - feel good, live longer, be mobile and pain-free
  • Cultivate Deeper Relationships - more connectedness to others and experience love & belonging
  • Experience Real Adventure - feel alive, have fun, and experience a rush and excitement.

The message in Badass Retirement is a rallying cry for the few - maybe you - who look around and desperately desire a more fulfilling and enriching path for their lives in retirement. Welcome to Badass Retirement

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ISBN: 9780990571520
ISBN-10: 0990571521
Publisher: Harbinger Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 378
Language: English