Homeokinetics: The Basics (Science #1) (Paperback)

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Homeokinetics is the study of complex systems--systems such as universes, galaxies, or planetary subsystems, or even social systems. A complex system is one where there is a tremendous amount of internal exchange by the actors. The physics of complex systems is played out on the basis of trying to understand what these complex internal agents are doing.

Normal physics deals with processes at single levels--disciplines such as cosmological physics, stellar physics, and biophysics. It also deals with the relation between systems and their lower levels, but only when the lower level atomisms are simple enough. This is 'flatland' physics.

Homeokinetic physics combines flatland physics with the study of the up-down processes that binds the levels. Tools, such as mechanics, quantum field theory, and the laws of thermodynamics, provide key relationships for the binding of the levels, how they connect, and how the energy flows up and down. And whether the atomisms are atoms, molecules, cells, people, stars, galaxies, or universes, the same tools can be used to understand them. Homeokinetics treats all complex systems on an equal footing, animate and inanimate, providing them with a common viewpoint.

This book is for scientists and students of complex systems. Application scientists in fields such as biology, economics, anthropology, political science, physiology, and experimental psychology can learn the basic principles of physics in Lessons 2-4. The basics of homeokinetic physics for complex systems are provided in Lessons 5-6.

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Publisher: Strong Voices Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Pages: 198
Language: English
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