Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications (Hardcover)

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications By Thomas W. Judson Cover Image
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Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications is an open-source textbook that is designed to teach the principles and theory of abstract algebra to college juniors and seniors in a rigorous manner. Its strengths include a wide range of exercises, both computational and theoretical, plus many non-trivial applications. The first half of the book presents group theory, through the Sylow theorems, with enough material for a semester-long course. The second-half is suitable for a second semester and presents rings, integral domains, Boolean algebras, vector spaces, and fields, concluding with Galois Theory.

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ISBN: 9780989897594
ISBN-10: 0989897591
Publisher: Orthogonal Publishing L3c
Publication Date: August 17th, 2015
Pages: 432
Language: English