Soulist and Other Fantasy Stories (Paperback)

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By Kevin Price (Editor)
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10 fantasy stories from the Born Storytellers of 2011 from Beechboro Christian College, Cornerstone Christian College, Murdoch College, Margaret River Independent School, Penrhos College, Riverlands Montessori School. Kids writing for Kids reading: Suits readers aged 9-14 years. Soulist is a place, not a person, to which Rose is called where she must confront an evil hell-bent on returning the souls of the dead to walk the earth once again. Troubles with a Genie begin when the genie is let out of the bottle ... there's no foretelling what could possibly go wrong. A young author in Dream 2080 is destined for fame, but when she finds herself mistaken for three fictional characters, her struggles to get back to her book signing take an ominous direction. In The World of the Unknown, a princess from the Fairy Kingdom is kidnapped and the truth about her vampire captors is as chilling as it is surprising. The Portal, the cover of a strange book, takes Alex into the forbidden forest and, unless she finds the powerful crystal before Owen gets his low-life paws on it, she is likely to remain there with no hope of returning home. In The Power of Fire, a young adventurer is left alone in the forest, facing an ordeal where he learns important survival skills. Santa's Apprentice is in line to be chosen as the next Santa Claus. The training is challenging and difficult ... are you up for it? In Only Charming, Alyssa faces more betrayal after learning who was behind the death of her parents and placing her trust in the wrong person. When Amy gets lost gathering firewood, she encounters Six fairy tales or more, upsetting dwarves and bears, helping imprisoned damsels, befriending a mermaid and dancing with a frog, but the biggest surprise comes when she gets back to school ... After they Wish Upon a Star, two friends are transported to the fairy-pixie realm where they have the adventure of a lifetime.

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ISBN: 9780987255938
ISBN-10: 0987255932
Publisher: Crotchet Quaver
Publication Date: February 26th, 2012
Pages: 156
Language: English