Fundamentals of Italian Rapier (Paperback)

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Fundamentals of Italian Rapier: A Modern Manualfor Teachers and Students of Historical Fencingoffers a comprehensive theoretical foundationfor seventeenth-century rapier fencing. Thisbook pairs descriptions of fencing techniqueswith over a hundred images, explaining theunderlying reasoning for each fencing action aswell as offering drills and exercises designed tohelp students internalize the three fundamentalsof Italian rapier fencing: modo, misura, and tempo(technique, measure, and timing). Through asynthesis of Italian fencing manuals for anEnglish-speaking readership, Dori and DavidCoblentz offer a resource that is both sensitiveto historical context and aware of modern trendsin fencing instruction.

About the Author

DAVID COBLENTZ was certified as a Master at Arms by a board of maestri in 2010. His training came primarily through the San Jose Fencing Masters Program, where he earned his Instructor (2008) and Provost at Arms (2009) certifications. David has long been interested in curriculum development for historical fencing. He has taught on this topic as well as others in venues such as the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, Riposte Harlem, Red Sun Classical Fencing, and SoCal Swordfight. He is the lead instructor of the Decatur School of Arms, which he founded in 2012. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Dori Coblentz, and his two daughters, Elanor and Mary Adele. DORI COBLENTZ was certified as a Provost at Arms with a concentration in historical fencing through the Sonoma State University fencing certification program in 2017. Her training comes from the SSU program and from the San Jose State Fencing Masters Program, where she received her Instructor at Arms certification in 2009. Outside of the salle, she teaches English at Georgia Tech. Her research is on the history of fencing and its relevance for literary studies. She published on this topic in her 2015, "Killing Time in Titus Andronicus: Rhetoric, Timing, and the Art of Defense" (Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 15.4) and her 2018 "'Artificial force and sleight': Tempo and Dissimulation in Castiglione's Book of the Courtier" (Italian Studies 73.1). She is a co-instructor at the Decatur School of Arms.

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ISBN: 9780985444136
ISBN-10: 0985444134
Publisher: Ska Swordplay Books
Publication Date: May 18th, 2018
Pages: 244
Language: English