The Burden of Ethics: An Insider's Account of "Ethical Terrorism" In Defense Acquisitions and How it Systematically Undermines America's Nat (Paperback)

The Burden of Ethics: An Insider's Account of
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Fraud and abuse in the $500 Billion-a-year defense acquisition industry threatens to paralyze America's national security. "The Burden of Ethics" presents a vivid and convincing picture of rampant, pervasive, destructive, institutionalized fraud and abuse, and exposes the tactics of who the author calls, "ethical terrorists" who perpetuate "ethical terrorism" on America. There are no stones unturned in this fascinating expose. "The Burden" holds all parties in the defense acquisition process from government officials, to military personnel and contractors accountable for their behavior. The author has skillfully connected the dots to expose a cause-and-effect relationship between marginal ethics and illegal activity in defense acquisitions from the highest levels of government to the lowest. The author outlines changes that can be made to help rescue the failing defense acquisition system, and enable small business participation in the process as a vehicle for creating thousands of new jobs immediately. In his Conclusion, the author pays tribute to our brave and courageous men and women in uniform, many of whom were the inspiration for writing this book. He is convinced that the failed acquisition system can be repaired by restoring integrity, and honesty, and by subscribing to a higher ethical measure. The Burden of Ethics is a powerful and compelling "must read.

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ISBN: 9780984047017
ISBN-10: 0984047018
Publisher: Chest House Publishing
Publication Date: October 25th, 2016
Pages: 314
Language: English