Advance Warning, the Rise of Individualism (Paperback)

Advance Warning, the Rise of Individualism By Jr. Zagurskie, Leonard, Regina Aflleje Zagurskie (Editor) Cover Image
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Book Description Advance Warning, The Rise of Individualism "Advance Warning": What happened to all the jobs? What happened to all the prosperity Americans enjoyed? What is needed to get it all back? In Advance Warning, the background is presented, the cause is identified and a solution is advocated which will restore the American dollar and buying power to the American people and achieve prosperity. Advance Warning provides a unique analysis, de-mystifies economics, provides insightful observations and advocates the common sense solution to return to the days of prosperity means to return to the traditional policies of prosperity. The traditional policies of prosperity restore and regain profit in America, revitalize ongoing economic activity, increase economic growth and increased profit not only for benefit of the American people but also for the wealthy elitists and resolves the Federal debt crisis for the bankers and the politicians. America needs to abandon the income tax system completely and return to the collecting taxes off of foreigners that are importing products into the United States. Taxing the imports (called a tariff) would not only provide the needed funds for the national debt, provide more disposable income to Americans but also would level the playing field with foreign importers allowing American industries to come back. Also the property rights, minerals, gas, oil and other natural resources which by state statutes in the 1970's became owned, regulated and operated by state agencies need to be accounted for and begin to get credited to the American people. These credits could be applied to pay the electric bill for all Americans. Immediately commence rebuilding the electrical grids, placing all distribution cables underground. Underground cables are safer, protected from the elements and eliminates the blot on the landscape of telephone poles and wires from the view of our beautiful country. Configuring mini-grids to distribute electricity to self-sufficient local communities, avoiding the inefficient mega grids. Such actions will immediately cause a shock wave of prosperity in United States and can be accomplished with respecting the ownership of capital and wealth of private individuals. This book is an eye-opener that provides insights and a clear understanding of the reality of our society, a commitment to the rights of the individual, to preserve our way of life, respect individual ownership of capital our individual pursuits of life, liberty and happiness for generations to come. This book is of maximum importance because our society otherwise is fundamentally changing and our way of life is going to be radically different and if we know the beginnings of our society, western civilization, then we can better prepare ourselves for what is coming. This book provides an outline of the beginnings of western civilization that illustrates our genuine Judeo/Christian heritage. And, maybe we can help steer it for the better. Our country is at a crossroads. We need to draw on creative ways to respond and restore America. This book provides the history, the cause and solutions. Neither fancy economical bookwork or technological advancements, information technology, computers/robotics will not save us, only the Lord can save us, if the nation fails to discuss and resolve these issues, our country, and western civilization faces collapse.

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ISBN: 9780983392200
ISBN-10: 098339220X
Publisher: Leonard Zagurskie, JR.
Publication Date: February 18th, 2011
Pages: 112
Language: English