Reflections of A Spiritual Awakening: Devotional Workbook (Paperback)

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This "devotional" workbook compliments the book Reflections of A Spiritual Awakening. Created for Christian exercise (individual or group), this interactive workbook is both a "teaching tool" and "spiritual journal." Get ready to hear from God Use this interactive workbook (by making journal entries) to reflect on your own "life lessons" while reading the book as the author shares reflections of "life lessons" with you. This workbook will eventually "come to life"... transforming into a 'spiritual' journal. Watch as inspiration from the 'Holy Spirit' guides you chapter by chapter - "Renewing Your Mind" (Romans 12:2). Most Christians already know Jesus, God's beloved Son. But many do not know God; our creator and heavenly Father. The Scripture of Proverb 22:6 ("Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it") does not just apply to children in general, but apply also to 'babes in Christ'. Many of us were not taught about Jesus or God] during our growing years. But when we become adults (an age of accountability) we learn of our "free will" to accept him or not. And once we accept Jesus and receive salvation, we are adopted into the kingdom of God thereby becoming children of God. As children of God, we must learn (get understanding) of who we really are in Christ, where we really come from, and why we really exist and, get to know God (..."with all thy getting, get understanding" - Proverb 4:7). It is also necessary that we receive affirmation (get understanding) of the Holy Spirit and God's loving, unchanging character in our life. Yet, too many Christians today suffer from "failure to thrive" - "babes in Christ" who over a sufficient period of time, failed to spiritually] develop into "mature (full-grown) Christians." (Hebrews 5:12-14). Many of God's children: *have not been taught they must develop a personal covenant] relationship with God; in order to obtain favor from the Father; *hunger (lack nourishment) because they continue to drink milk instead of eating from the strong meat of the Word of God; *lack faith due to lack of 'spiritual' prosperity in their natural life; *have 'voids within' because of not walking in His ways, or belief in all of "His promises." In view of these truths, this interactive workbook will lead to you into 'spiritual' prosperity - discovering simplicity of drawing closer to God by reflecting on your own "life lessons" concerning: Dreams Deferred, Prayers Supplications, Purpose and Destiny, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Nurturing, Enemy Strongholds, and other "life lessons" necessary for strengthen your daily walk with God. Start journaling today. You may share in 'spiritual awakenings' with the author. Discover your 'divine connections' with God just by taking these small steps of reflecting and journaling. Learn what it really means to "overcome " (John 16:33).

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ISBN: 9780981676531
ISBN-10: 0981676537
Publisher: Sheila Jeans Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: June 15th, 2012
Pages: 148
Language: English