Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia (Paperback)

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what you'll find inside this book The decision has been made... you are going to have an operation or another medical procedure. You have met with your surgeon and know what will happen during the operation. But do you know anything about the anesthesia? If you're like most patients, your answer is "Probably not." That's why it's time to meet the person at the helm of your operation: your anesthesiologist. Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia demystifies the issues surrounding the types and uses of anesthesia and addresses common fears about wakefulness and pain. Author Panchali Dhar, MD, a board-certified anesthesiologist and internist, speaks in straightforward language and uses real-life examples to guide you through this corner of the medical maze. She shows you how to: Ask the most important questions of your anesthesiologist and surgeon. Understand how the anesthesia team is with you through every step of your surgery. Prepare for surgery the right way. Alleviate your concerns about being awake during surgery. Become familiar with the latest pain-control techniques. Individual chapters focus on how anesthesia is used in specific circumstances: during plastic and cosmetic surgery, during labor, and for dental care. Other chapters explore the special needs of babies and children, address the ways surgeons and anesthesiologists are adapting their techniques in response to the growing obesity rates, and discuss how to avoid post-operative nausea and vomiting. Photographs and illustrations keep the conversation interesting and lively. Throughout the book, Dr. Dhar carefully flags issues directly affecting your medical care. Each chapter ends with an invaluable checklist, called "prescriptives," that highlights key points and provides space to write in when you talk with your surgeon or anesthesiologist. The checklists help you ask questions relevant to your case and ensure that you receive and.

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ISBN: 9780981645308
ISBN-10: 0981645305
Publisher: Tell Me Press, LLC
Publication Date: January 1st, 2009
Pages: 213
Language: English