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In a religious tradition with no creed and no hierarchy, it is sometimes hard to see what it is that binds Unitarians together. In The Unitarian Way, Phillip Hewett sets out to discover the common elements that characterize Unitarianism, from its historical roots in the Renaissance to its varied expressions in the world today. In twelve wide-ranging chapters he explores the characteristic Unitarian blend of faith and doubt, reason and intuition, commitment and openmindedness, individuality and community. He concludes that Unitarians, "like a family, or the crew of a ship, or a geological survey team," are united by participation in a common enterprise rather than by a set of shared beliefs.

Originally published in 1985, The Unitarian Way has been newly revised by the author and reissued to guide a new generation of readers through the intricacies of "the Unitarian dance.

About the Author

Phillip Hewett is minister emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, where he served as minister for 35 years. He is the author of a number of books, including Unitarians in Canada and Racovia, the story of a sixteenth-century Unitarian community in Poland.

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