Sex, Shamanism, and Healing: My Kissing Quest (Paperback)

Sex, Shamanism, and Healing: My Kissing Quest Cover Image
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You are invited. This book is a kiss and tell. It tells stories of fun, juicy sexual experiences, long, sweet kisses, whispered words and touches in the dark, all offering the reader delicious vicarious experiences. It is also a roadmap to healing for survivors of sexual trauma. It offers new pathways, hope, and wisdom to make that journey swifter, more pleasurable and more complete than following only the more conventional routes to healing. This book is a guide to women's empowerment, to finding, embracing and actualizing the feminine divine within. It's a journey to finding and joyfully claiming your power, complete with detailed exercises and instructions. This book speaks to healing between men and women. It offers ways to mend the gap between the sexes and open to a balance in which both are empowered, honored and whole. This book is an invitation. Come and play.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780977815418
ISBN-10: 0977815412
Publisher: Hands Over Heart
Publication Date: January 1st, 2009
Pages: 204
Language: English