EcoTerror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature: The World of the Unabomber (Paperback)

EcoTerror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature: The World of the Unabomber Cover Image
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Conviction records of radical environmentalists! Detailed lists of sabotage against people and property! Names of the guilty groups-no punches pulled! EcoTerror author Ron Arnold has long challenged the assumptions and rhetoric of organized evironmentalism. In this extensively documented book he now exposes and entire underground movement of violence to save nature. The Unabomer used radical environmental publications to target his last two victims, Thomas Mosser and Gil Murray. The vicious Animal Liberation Front maintains a World Wide Web site that brags over 600 crimes committed in the name of 'animal rights'. Earth Firsters use a tactic called 'decoupling' to hide their involvement in 'monkeywrenching'- sabotage against essential production. Protest demonstrations against logging in the Pacific Northwest cost the taxpayer over $1million a year in emergency law enforcement. The overwhelming majority of the victims attacked by ecoterrorists are small family companies, not big corporations. Big-money foundations give millions to smear anyone who stands up to expose ecoterrorists and the moral bankruptcy of big eco-groups. Mainstream environmentalists incite underground violence to save nature by promoting hate against industrialized civilization rather than offering respect for its benefits and practical solutions for its problems.

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ISBN: 9780939571185
ISBN-10: 0939571188
Publisher: Merril Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2010
Pages: 336
Language: English