Hieronymus Bosch: The Unauthorised Biography (Paperback)

Hieronymus Bosch: The Unauthorised Biography By Marcel Ruijters Cover Image
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A fictionalised biography of the iconic Medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch, by respected Dutch artist Marcel Ruijters. It is a commissioned work for the Bosch500 Foundation and the Mondriaan Art Fund, as a part of a large program of festivities scheduled for his 500th anniversary in 2016.

About the Author

Marcel Ruijters, born 1966 in The Netherlands, became active in self-publishing his comics in 1988. Roughly since the new millennium, the style and content of his work have been heavily influenced by medieval art. His liberal adaptation of Dante Alighieri's Inferno was awarded Best Dutch graphic novel in 2008. All Saints, 1348 and Sine Qua Non are equally playfully dealing with medieval themes, while Hieronymus is a first venture into serious historic reconstruction. Four years in the making, it portrays the surrealist forerunner Hieronymus Bosch as a humble craftsman, struggling with earthly problems while creating works of genius, together with his family.

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ISBN: 9780861662463
ISBN-10: 0861662466
Publisher: Knockabout
Publication Date: October 15th, 2015
Pages: 160
Language: English