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In his Jeremiad Jottings, Blaise Cronin presents a collection of essays that touch upon a range of issues, spanning from affirmative action to academic dress. Tackling the ever-increasing power that "political correctness" holds in institutions of higher education, Cronin defines its influence by writing op-ed style essays delving into sometimes highly divisive topics from recents news and events. His essays encompass light-hearted topics such as "Mangled Metaphors," pointing to the advertisement industry's use of metaphors, and more popularly serious issues in "Burned Any Good Books Lately?", an essay dealing with book burning. Although easily approachable by the non-scholar, each of Cronin's essays is abundant with references that will lead any reader to the right area of interest if necessary. Cronin's light tone and clear presentation will appeal to many readers.

About the Author

Blaise Cronin is dean of the School of Library and Information Science and the Rudy professor of Information Science at Indiana University/Bloomington.

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ISBN: 9780810849518
ISBN-10: 0810849518
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Publication Date: December 16th, 2003
Pages: 176
Language: English