Pulp Friction (Paperback)

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In this highly provocative and frequently humorous collection of essays, Blaise Cronin scrutinizes the world of North American librarianship, highlighting its excesses and inconsistencies. From pornography and censorship to the idiocies of accreditation; from feminist scholarship to the rhetoric of the digital divide; from faculty status for librarians to developments in electronic scholarship; from information warfare to the role of the American Library Association this book is an engaging tour of "Libraryland."

Pulp Friction is not only engaging and easy to read but it is the kind of book that one can dip in and out of or read in one sitting. Ideal for professional librarians, library science faculty, library users, and all those who care about the nature and role of the library in contemporary society.

About the Author

Blaise Cronin is dean of the School of Library and Information Science and Rudy professor of information science at Indiana University/Bloomington.

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ISBN: 9780810845473
ISBN-10: 0810845474
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Publication Date: December 4th, 2002
Pages: 152
Language: English